World famous, Eco Friendly, Cleaning System
         Leaving Carpets Clean and Dry

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  • Dry Cleans Carpets
  • Dry Cleans Upholstery
  • Dry Cleans Tiles
  • Power vacuums lawn mower style up to 6,000 square feet per hour.
  • Has greater dry soil removal than conventional vacuums.


LMX Air Cell Extraction System

LMX™ Air Cell Extraction System

In the LMX™, we did what no one else could: design the ultimate Air Cell Extraction System™.

It’s not only quieter, more rugged and faster, but more mobile and maneuverable. The LMX™ is the most technologically advanced system ever built for super fast cleaning, super fast drying and super deep-cleaning of carpet. We think you’ll agree.

The LMX™ system applies Air Cell Extraction System™ cleaning solution with an exclusive full bristle brush, gently loosening soil. The emulsified soil is immediately extracted with a built-in vacuum; all in one forward pass, by one person.

Not only are carpets deep-cleaned faster, they dry faster than with any system.

Another plus! Low moisture means no risk of carpet damage, shrinkage or mildewing caused by over wetting.

The LMX™ continues the evolution of a carpet cleaning phenomenon that has yet to be equalled.

The LMX™ meets all these certified testing standards.